G4PP Release Notes

v1.00 - Original 
v2.00 - Removed G4PPINVT2 sample as PayPal doesn't seem to be supporting
         templates for the API just yet.
        Made the file paramter for #g4ppinv_createInvoice() input and output
         so you can name the .JSON file if you want to for archival purposes.
        Added #g4ppinv_addCC() function to allow CC info to the creation
         of an invoice.
        Updated G4PPINVT1 sample to mentino that attachments aren't yet
         supported by the PayPal Create Invoice API.
        Added #g4ppinv_markAsPaid() function to mark an invoice as paid.
        Added #g4ppinv_markInvoiceAsRefunded() function to mark invoice
         as refunded.
        Added #g4ppinv_cancelInvoice() function to cancel an invoice.
        Added #g4ppinv_updateInvoice() function to allow the update of
         an invoice.
        Created a defaults file (G4PPDFTPF) to hold defaults for values
         such as phone country code, timezone and currency code.  These
         can be set as a global default by adding a record with a blank
         account, or you can set them specific to an account by adding
         a record with the account name.