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Creating the *SYSTEM Store

The *SYSTEM Store is a place where SSL Certificates and Certificate Autorities (CAs) are stored for use by the system. 

When you create the *SYSTEM store by default a few of the more common CAs are automatically added to the store. 

To create the *SYSTEM store follow the following instructions:

  1. Work with the Digital Certificate Manager.
  2. From the selection on the left, select the "Create New Certificate Store" option.

  3. Make sure that *SYSTEM is selected and click on the Continue button.

  4. Make sure "No - Do not create a certificate in the certificate store" is selected and click on the Continue button.

  5. Enter a password and confirm that password and select the Continue button.  Be sure to keep track of this password.

  6. You should be presented with a screen that says the certificate store has been created.  You're all done!