AFPTOOL Release Notes

v0.01b - Original beta version
v1.00  - Original release version.  Changed named from SPLTOOLPDF
          to AFPTOOL.
v1.01  - Added processing to check if the job was running in batch
          or not to control the opening of display file AFP001DF.  
          If in batch and not registered, the command will not
          run.  Testing while unregistered must be done interactively.
v1.02  - Added processing to make sure that a target filename is 
          entered and that the file ends with .pdf, .tif, or .tiff.
         Added option to create a TIF file by specifying the extension
          .tif or .tiff on the target file name.
         Added REPLACE parameter for target file.  The default is *NO.
v1.03  - Added help text to AFPTOOL command.
         Added ability to create PCL files by specifying .pcl as the
          extension.  A WSCST such as QSYS/QWPHP5SI should be used for
          this process.
         Added ability to scale the PDF image that is created.  This is
          done using the Conversion Factor (CVTFAC) parameter on the
          AFPTOOL command.  This value defaults to 0.240.  Making 
          this number smaller will decrease the size of the PDF, 
          increasing it will increase the size.  Adjust this number
          in small increments from 0.100 to 0.050 or less.
         Added the Page Orientation (ORIENT) parameter that will affect
          the PDF page orientation when PDFs are created, either
          portrait or landscape.  This will not change the orientation
          of the printed information, only the page layout.
v1.04  - Changed library used for creation of temp user space objects 
          from QGPL to QTEMP.
v2.00  - Compiled entire application to V3R2 as the minimum OS.
         Removed temp file processing in folders.  Temp processing is now done
          using stream files in the IFS.  This means that users of AFPTOOL no 
          longer need to be enrolled in the system directory.
         Removed Conversion Factor parameter.  This parameter is no longer
          required.  A bug was found in the host print transform process that 
          caused the images created to be incorect size.
         Removed Orientation parameter.  Again, this is no longer needed as
          the document created should be positioned correctly on the document.
         Temp Folder parameter now defaults to /tmp.  This is the temporary 
          IFS file location that will be used for temp processing during the
          conversion process.
         Added Page rotation parameter.  This parameter can be used to rotate
          the imgage so that the default view inside your PDF viewer will be
          correct.  For example, if you have a landcape printout normally it
          would appear sideways in the viewer.  Changing this parameter to 270
          will rotate it 270 degrees so that it can be viewed correctly without
          user intervention to rotate the document.
         Added Left and Top margin offset parameters.  These parameters can be 
          used to shift the image around on the document and tweak the sizes of 
          left and top margins.  Keep in mind that top and left refer to the
          margins of an 8.5x11 view.  So adjusting these for a landscape  
          document will have different effects.  See the help text in the
          command for further explanation.
v2.01  - Added Margin Offset (MARO) parameter.  This parameter can be used to
          set how large the margins will be.  A larger margin means that there
          will be less area in the document to place the image.  A smaller margin
          means there will be more area to place the image.  This value defaults
          to 20, which was the hard-coded value in releases prior to this
v2.02  - Upgraded to use TIFFLIB v3.5.7.  
         Applied serivce pack upgrades from v2.02. 
v2.03  - Was having problems on some machines.  Needed to compile some objects on V5R2
          to solve these problems.  So, the lowest OS release this version will run on
          is V4R5.  v2.02 will remain available for a while for lower OS releases, but
          it will no longer be supported.
v2.04  - Changed method of naming temp file name to avoid multiple jobs
          running and clashing (was in service pack AT082203)
         Added WIDTH and LENGTH parameters so that people using different sized paper
          can specify the size (ie. A4) they want to use with this command.  
          These values should be specified in inches with up to 2 decimal places.
          The default is 8.5x11, so it will not affect anyone who doesn't use 
          these parameters.
v2.05  - Changed Spooled File Number (SPLNBR) parameter from a 4 character field to an 
          integer that can hold a max of up to 6 digits.  This change should not affect
          applications, but please do test before moving this newer version into a 
          production environment.
v2.10  - **NOTE**
         Updated registration to use Serial Number and Model number.
         Removed interactive only limit from unregistered version.  Instead, temporary 
          keys will be issued to allow unlimited testing for a period of time.
         -- Current Users --
         Email me a note with your serial number(s) and model number(s) before you
          install this version so I can get you a new key.  
         -- New Users --
         Email me and I will get you a temporary key.  This temporary key will allow you
          to use AFPTOOL with all functionality for a limited period of time.  You
          need a temporary key or a permanent key to use AFPTOOL.  
v2.11  - Fixed small bug with temporary key registration.  Date formats other than
          MMDDYYYY would cause temp keys to expire early.
v2.12  - Fixed bug when specifying REPLACE(*NO).  File would be replaced if it existed.  
          Fixed so that AFPTOOL returns a message if REPLACE(*NO) and the file exists.
v2.13  - Updated so when fatal error is thrown in is monitorable with MONMSG.
v2.14  - Fixed small bug with PDF creation that would sometimes cause a message to 
          be displayed when opening the PDF that said "file is damaged, being repaired."
v3.00  - Registration updates
v3.01  - Registration fix.  If you aquired keys for v3.01 of AFPTOOL, please contact 
          us for new keys for this version.
v3.10  - Added PDF encryption/password protection option.  Passwords and
          encryption are added using the PDF Password (PDFPASS) parameter
          to enter a password.
v3.20  - Changed PDF version from 1.1 to 1.4.
v4.00  - Added licensing by date (SaaS) option.