G4SLK Release Notes

v1.00 - Original
v1.10 - Added commands and functions to get group lists and group history.
v1.20 - Updated to use latest GETURI version (v8.10).
        Updated to use YAJLR4BVS service program to avoid naming comflicts with 
         system that already have YAJL installed.
        Changed GETURI HTTP requests to 1.1.
v1.21 - Updated GETURI to latest version (v8.21).
v2.00 - Updating license key generation as early January dates were causing issues.
         If you are updating from a version prior to v2.00 please contact us for
         updated license key(s)
v2.10 - Updated GETURI to v8.30.
v3.00 - Updated GETURI to v10.02.
        Requires V7R2 minimum OS.
        Updated deprecated channel API methods to conversation methods.
        Added private flag to channel list function so that all channels will be
        Removed group functions as they are now replaced by the new conversation
         APIs used in the channel functions.  So if you were using #g4slk_getGroupList()
         you will now use #g4slk_getChannelList().