Chapter 3 - The Operations Maintenance Display

The Operations Maintenance Display allows you to allow and/or restrict FTP operations for a specific user.

   3/22/06                     FTP Tools (FTPTOOL)                     TS400    
 14:51:48                    Operation Maintenance                    BVSTONE  
 User ID . . . BVSTONE      IP Address . . .
 Type options, press Enter. 
  1=Add   3=Copy   4=Delete   9=Work with Paths   10=Work with Commands 
 Opt User ID    Oper    A  Restricted Path                                     
     BVSTONE    MKDIR   Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    RMDIR   R  /HOME/BVSTONE                                      
     BVSTONE    CD      Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    DIR     Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    DELETE  Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    GET     Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    PUT     Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    RENAME  Y                                                     
     BVSTONE    CMD     Y                                                     
 F3=Exit   F5=Refresh 

The values listed in the Operations Maintenance Display are described as follows:

  • User ID - The user ID that you are currently working with.
  • Oper - The FTP operation that is allow or restricted.
  • A - A flag defining if the operation is Allowed (Y), Not Allowed (N), or Restricted (R).
  • Restricted Path - If the operation is Restricted, a short view of the path(s) that the operation is restricted to for this user.

The valid options are as follows:

  • 1=Add - To add a new operation, enter a 1 on the top blank line, fill in the rest of the information and press enter.
  • 3=Copy - Use this option to set up a new operation and copy information from an existing operation.
  • 4=Delete - Select this option to remove an operation restriction for the user
  • 9=Work with Paths - Select this option to work with paths for a restricted operation
  • 10=Work with Commands - Select this option to work with commands that are triggered when a specific FTP operation is used..