* g4msmail_dumpSettings - Dump Settings to JSON file *


D g4msmail_dumpSettings...

D PR 10i 0

D out_errMsg 256 Options(*NOPASS)

g4msMail_dumpSettings() is used to create a JSON dump file of the parameters and their values in use. This is automatically called when sending an email ends in error. It can also be called during your applications to dump the application values.

The name of the file that is created is set using the #g4msmail_setValue() function and the "dump_file" tag. When not set the default value of this is <tempdirectory>/g4ms_<id>_dump.json where <tempdirectory> is the temporary directory and <id> is a unique id for this application.

Returns: 0 for success, -1 for error.

Optional Parameters:

  • Error Message (output) - Error message