Redirecting Emails

With MAILTOOL v13.00 and up the ability to redirect emails system wide, or at the command level, is now possible.

This may be useful on a development or testing system where you don't want emails to be delivered directly to the intended recipients and instead redirected to an account local to your system for testing.

This option also adds the option to change the sender, mail router, and a host of other settings by allowing you to specify a configuration file to override any of the possible options included in configuration files.

System Wide Redirection

Use the MLTREDIR command to enter the MAILTOOL Redirection Settings.

                       MAILTOOL Redirect Settings                  

  Redirect Setting: *NO        (*NO/*YES)                                       

      Config File: *DFT                                                        

        Recipient: *DFT                                                        

                        Press F6 to save your settings.                        

 F3=Exit   F5=Refresh   F6=Save Settings                                       


NOTE: Be sure to press the F6 command key to make sure that any changed you made are saved.

If you want to reload the current values before saving any changes, use the F5 function key.

Command Level Redirection

With the MAILTOOL command and/or ILE functions you can also override the settings in the MLTREDIR command for each specific email.  See the MAILTOOL Command Documentation or the MAILTOOL ILE Function Documentation for specifics.