eMail Tool (MAILTOOL)

MAILTOOL is the most powerful and easy to use IBMi (System i, iSeries, AS/400) email client available!


  • Send emails using RPG or any ILE language with easy to use ILE functions.
  • Fully customizable defaults either globally, by user or create your own specific configurations!
  • Easily add custom footers to each email sent via the MAILTOOL command
  • Send emails in text or HTML format
  • MUCH more useful and powerful than the SNDDST command
  • 100% native application!

MAILTOOL Plus* Adds the following Features:

  • Easily replace calls to the IBM QtmmSendMail API (see example in documentation)
  • Choose to save emails for resending, if they error or not.
  • Totally bypass and forget about using the often-times troublesome IBM SMTP server
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) over SMTP
  • Compatible with GMail, Outlook online, Office 365, Microsoft Online Services, Yahoo! and most other cloud email clients!
  • Easy tracking of emails that were not sent with the option to resend
  • Superior debugging making tracking down problems with email much quicker
  • Built in to MAILTOOL, no separate download required. Activate with a simple registration key

See the MAILTOOL home page for more information.