JOBWATCH Release Notes

v1.00  - Original
v1.01  - Fixed bug when using *ALL for subsystem and debug mode.  Detail 
          lines weren't printing.
         Fixed heading alignment on debug report.
v2.00  - Registration updates.
v2.01  - Registration fix.  If you aquired keys for v2.00 of JOBWATCH, please contact 
          us for new keys for this version.
v3.00  - Added Job Maintenance screen (F6 from JOBWATCHCF command) that allows you to
          set up jobs to check for activity.  Enter a job name, a status you want to
          check for (*ACTIVE, *JOBQ, *OUTQ, or *ANY for every status) and the minimum
          number of jobs matching that status to check for.  If less jobs that 
          specified are found, the command entered will be run.  
v3.01  - Parameters &Y and &L were reversed.  Fixed.
         Added new parameter &E that will return then message text from the last (newest)
          message from the job log in question.
        (SP111006) - Updated message returned from &E to include the message
         Fixed bug in message returned with garbage characters.
         More error checking in returning error message text.  Was
          erroring when it tried to process a job that no longer
         Fixed bug when returning an error message greater than
          1024.  Was causing an error in F.MSG that said length
          or start position was greater than the receiver variable.
         Fixed bug when using &E code and message had a single quote
     in it.
    Added feature in F6 (Job Maintenance) so in addition to 
          specific job names to look for, also allow the use of
          wildcard values. 
v3.10  - Added new option in the Job Maintenance screen to allow the
          status of *MINACT.  This will stand for "Minutes Active".  The
 MIN column can then be filled with the maximum number of minutes
 you want a job to run.  If this is exceeded, the command 
 associated will be run.
v4.00  - Added licensing by date (SaaS) option.
v4.10  - Added the replacement variable &C which will return a list of 
            object locks for the job in the format:
           Removed &K replacement variable.
           Included module JW001MD that has a procedure named JWObjLocks()
            that will return a list of object locks for a specific Job,
            user and job number.
           Included sample program JWSAMP that shows how to use the
            JWObjLocks() procedure.  
           Included source PF QRPGLESRC that has source for JWSAMP
           Included source PF QCOPYSRC that has the /COPY member for
            JW001MD prototype definition(s).
           Made replacements bigger for message so that the message isn't
           SP170405 - Bug found when a job had a lock on more than 100 objects. Fixed.
           SP170421 - Added the following replacement parameters for the *MINACT 
            Job Maintenance commands.  &U - User ID, &N - Job Number, &T - Job Type, 
            &B - Job Subtype
v5.00 -   Added Message Queue Status monitoring (V7R2 or higher required).  When using JOBWATCHCF 
           the F7 command key will allow you to set up Message Queue monitoring by message queue, 
           user,job, severity, etc.  The replacement variables avilable are:
            &L = Message Queue Library (10)
            &Q = Message Queue (10)
            &I = Message ID (7)  
            &T = Message Type (13)
            &S = Message Subtype(22)
            &X = Message Text (1024)
            &V = Message Severity (5)
            &Z = Message Timestamp (26)
            &U = From User (10)
            &J = From Job (28)
            &P = From Program (10)
            &R = Message File Library (10)
            &F = Message File (10)
            &2 = Message Second Level Text (4096)
            &M - Machine Name (8)
          Added a TRIM option for commands that are run.  By default TRIM will be
           set to *YES which means the values used in substitution will be trimmed.
           This option is good when you are calling a command.  The value of *NO
           will not trim the data.  This option is good when you are calling a  
           program with replacement variables.
          Changed the debug option to produce a stream file in the IFS vs a printer
           file.  The default file name is /tmp/jobwatchdebug.txt and can be
           changed on the JOBWATCH command.           
          SP200821 - Bug found when retrieving job log messages.  For one call the
            Clear API wasn't being called after which could have caused
            storage issues in some cases.