G4PP Release Notes

v1.00 - Original 
v2.00 - Removed G4PPINVT2 sample as PayPal doesn't seem to be supporting
         templates for the API just yet.
        Made the file paramter for #g4ppinv_createInvoice() input and output
         so you can name the .JSON file if you want to for archival purposes.
        Added #g4ppinv_addCC() function to allow CC info to the creation
         of an invoice.
        Updated G4PPINVT1 sample to mentino that attachments aren't yet
         supported by the PayPal Create Invoice API.
        Added #g4ppinv_markAsPaid() function to mark an invoice as paid.
        Added #g4ppinv_markInvoiceAsRefunded() function to mark invoice
         as refunded.
        Added #g4ppinv_cancelInvoice() function to cancel an invoice.
        Added #g4ppinv_updateInvoice() function to allow the update of
         an invoice.
        Created a defaults file (G4PPDFTPF) to hold defaults for values
         such as phone country code, timezone and currency code.  These
         can be set as a global default by adding a record with a blank
         account, or you can set them specific to an account by adding
         a record with the account name.
v3.00 - Added F.G4PPPAY (Payments) function.  Right now the main process
         available is the #g4pppay_refundPayment() function which allows
         you to issue a full or partial refund for a specific payment.
        Added F.G4PPNVP (Name Value Pair) function.  This will be used for
         any of the older APIs used to call using NVPs instead of the
         RESTful API interface.  Right now, the only function is
         #g4ppnvp_getAccountBalance which will return the account balance(s).
        Added additional sample programs for F.G4PPPAY and F.G4PPNVP.
v3.10 - Updated G4PPINV to v2.10.  This new version includes the function
         #g4ppinv_getInvoiceStatus().  This function is used to retireve
         the status of an invoice.  The possible values returned for a
         valid invoice ID are:
        Added a new sample program named G4PPINVT2 that tests this new
        SP171219 - Added refund_description and refund_reason settable values
         for the F.G4PPPAY functions and the refund payment application.
         These allow you to set a description and reason for the refund.
         In testing the description does show up in the refund information
         but the reason doesn't seem to be implemented yet.
v3.30 - Updated GETURI to v8.10.
v3.31 - Updated GETURI to v8.21.
v4.00 - Updating license key generation as early January dates were causing issues.
         If you are updating from a version prior to v4.00 please contact us for
         updated license key(s).
v4.10 - Updated GETURI to v8.30.
v4.20 - Updated GETURI to v10.02.