GreenJab Release Notes

v1.00b - Original  
v1.01b - Added JABSTATUS command that allows you to see the status of any
         Fixed bug on #gj_enqMsg and #gj_deqMsg where it wasn't allowing the
          override of the key (3rd parm).
v1.02b - Added #gj_getChatID, #gj_getJID, #gj_getBareJID, and #gj_setGCP as
          available procedures.
v1.03b - Added #gj_setKey subprocedure so a key could be set for the entire
          session instead of just using the from ID.  The default if not set
          is still the from ID.
         Updated JABSTATUS command so it would use the full id, not just the
          ID displayed (ie, could be a lot longer that what is displayed)
         Added a timestamp to the status file for future options to kill
          jobs that have been idle for so long.
v1.04b - Added #gj_getUserStatus which returns a value of -2 for error, -1 for
          not avaliable, 0 for away, 1 for available.  The user parm of this
          procedure must be the id (or email address) or a user in your
          "friend" list for the chat client you're using.
         Changed updating of timestamp in JAB001PF file to only update if data
          is sending back and forth.
         Added #gj_setJobTimeOut procedure so when staring a GreenJab listener
          job you can specify a timeout to end the job.  The default is 0
          which means no timeout.
         Changed init to flush only the key value for the messages instead of
          clearing the entire set of messages for everyone.
v1.05  - Bug fixes, removed from beta status.
v1.06  - Fixed bug when flushing data queue, wasn't flushing out //self requests.
v1.07  - Updated method to retrieve job attributes so that each request and response is
          unique.  This should stop any wires from crossing.
         Added requests and responses for attributes to debug file.
         Added JABTEST4 sample program which shows how to retrieve attributes for the job.
         Added Job Name, Job User, and Job number to JAB001PF file.
         Added Option 5 in JABSTATUS command to view active job.
v1.10  - When **QUIT** is sent from a chatter instead of sending **QUIT** we send
          "user xxxxx has left that chat".
         Added the Last Activity (in number of seconds) to the JABSTATUS screen
         Changed field sizes from 32766 to 65535.  The /COPY member P.GREENJAB
          has been updated so recompilation of your programs using it will need
          to be done.   
v1.11  - Updated QCOPYSRC member P.GREENJAB... prototype for #gj_getUserStatus was
v1.12  - Updated to accept PING requests from server and reply so the connection
          will not be terminated.
v1.13  - Updated to handle multiple stanzas in one section.
         Added Wait Time setting for time between data reads.
         Made #gj_flushDataQ available.
         Fixed activity time.
         Added Ping Time frequency.
         Added re-connection retry count and pause time between re-connection attempts.