Chapter 3 - SPLTOOL Display Function Keys

The following figure shows the SPLTOOL display and the function keys that are available.

Your display may or may not have all the function keys shown here. The Spooled File Tools Configuration (SPLTOOLCFG) command can be used by your system administrator to limit the function keys for each user.

  2/26/00                 Spooled File Tools (SPLTOOL)
 Queue . . . . . . PRT01                User Name . . . . . . *CURRENT
   Library . . . .   *LIBL              User Data . . . . . . *ALL
                                        Form Type . . . . . . *ALL
 Type options, press Enter.
  1=Print Range  2=Copy to PC folder 3=Hold   4=Delete     5=Display
  6=Release      7=Copy to file      8=Copy to Stream File 9=FTP Spooled File
                             Total  Device or
 Opt  File       User        Pages  Queue      User Data  Form Type  Status
 __   QPDZDTALOG BSTONE          1  PRT01                 *STD       *READY
 __   INVRPTPT   BSTONE         13  PRT01                 *STD       *READY
 __   INVRPT2PT  BSTONE          2  PRT01                 *STD       *READY
 __   QPDZDTALOG BSTONE          1  PRT01                 *STD       *READY
 __   SAMPLEPT   BSTONE          1  PRT01                 *STD       *READY
  F3=Exit F5=Refresh F6=WRKSPLF F7=WRKOUTQ F9=FTP Status F10=Subset
 F11=View F16=User Options      F17=Top    F18=Bottom    F23=Change Defaults
  • F3=Exit - Exit the SPLTOOL program.
  • F5=Refresh - Refresh the SPLTOOL display
  • F6=WRKSPLF - Issue the Work with Spooled Files (WRKSPLF) command using the current user.
  • F7=WRKOUTQ - Issue the Work with Output Queue (WRKOUTQ) command using the current output queue.
  • F9=FTP Status - View the FTP status of the last interactive FTP option.
  • F10=Subset - Change the subsettingn parameters of the view. This option includes a date range and all of the other criteria currently on the screen.
  • F11=View - Change the view of SPLTOOL. This will replace the form type and and status columns with creation date and creation time.
  • F16=User Options - Work with your user options. For more on user options, see Chapter 8.
  • F17=Top - Position the display to the top of the list of spooled files.
  • F18=Bottom - Position the display to the bottom of the list of spooled file.
  • F23=Change Defaults - Change user specific defaults for the SPLTOOL operations. The defaults only affect operations performed while using the SPLTOOL display. For more on SPLTOOL defaults, see Chapter 9.