Chapter 5 - The Work with Members using OBJTOOL (WRKMBROBJ) Display

The following figure shows the WRKMBROBJ display and the function keys that are available.

                      Work with Members Using OBJTOOL (WRKMBROBJ)
 File . . . QRPGLESRC  Library . . PUBLIC
 Type . . . *ALL       Member  . . *ALL
 Type options, press Enter.
   2=Edit    3=Copy     4=Delete  5=Display  7=Rename  8=Display description
  13=Change 14=Compile 15=Create module     17=Change using SDA
 Opt Member     Type       Description
 __  COUNTER    RPGLE      Web Counter
 __  HELLOW     RPGLE      Sample CGI Program
 Parameters or Command
 ===> _________________________________________________________________________
  F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F5=Refresh   F10=Command Entry   F12=Cancel
 F16=User Options       F17=Top   F18=Bottom 


  • 2 = Edit - Executes the Start SEU (STRSEU)* command with the edit option.
  • 3 = Copy - Executes the Copy [file type] (CPYxxx) command. Depending on the file type, the appropriate Copy command will be executed.
  • 4 = Delete - Executes the Remove Member (RMVM) command.
  • 5 = Display - Executes the Start SEU (STRSEU)* command with the display option for source PFs, and the Display Physical File Member (DSPPFM) command for data PFs.
  • 7 = Rename - Executes the Rename Member (RNMM) command.
  • 8 = Display Desc - Executes the Display Discription command for the appropriate file type.
  • 11 = Move - Executes the Move Object (MOVOBJ) command.
  • 12 = Work with - Executes the Work with Members using OBJTOOL (WRKMBROBJ) command.
  • 13 = Change - Executes the Change Physical File Member (CHGPFM) command.
  • 14 = Compile - Executes the appropriate Create (CRTxxx) command for the member type.
  • 15 = Create Module - Executes the Create Module (CRTxxxMOD) command.
  • 17 = Change using SDA - Starts Screen Design Aid (SDA)* for Display file (DSPF) types.

Function Keys

  • F3=Exit - Exit the WRKMBROBJ program.
  • F4=Prompt - Prompts on the current command or option(s).
  • F5=Refresh - Refresh the WRKMBROBJ display
  • F10=Command Entry - Displays a command entry screen.
  • F12=Cancel -Exits the WRKMBRBOBJ program.
  • F16=User Options - Work with your user options. For more on user options, see Chapter 6.
  • F17=Top - Position the display to the top of the list of members.
  • F18=Bottom - Position the display to the bottom of the list of members.

* SEU and SDA are only executed if installed. Because OBJTOOL is a replacement for PDM, it is unlikely that you will have SEU and/or SDA installed on a production machine unless you've installed the application development toolset. These options are defaults, and can be changed to run any command or program on your machine by editing the OBJSCMDPF file.