Chapter 2 - The User Maintenance Display

The User Maintenance Display allows you to set up and work with users set up in FTPTOOL.

  3/22/06                     FTP Tools (FTPTOOL)                     TS400    
 14:17:57                       User Maintenance                      BVSTONE   
 User ID . . . BVSTONE                             Position to . . .
 Type options, press Enter. 
  1=Add   2=Default Directory   3=Copy   4=Delete   9=Work with Operations 
     Input      Input           Output     Output     Current    Return         
Opt  User ID    IP Address      User ID    Password   Library    Code   Log     
                                                                     0   Y
     BVSTONE                    BVSTONE               PUBLIC         1   Y
     RJOHNSON                   RJOHNSON              PUBLIC         1   Y
     ZEEK23                     ZEEK23                PUBLIC         1   Y
 F3=Exit   F5=Refresh 

The values listed in the User Maintenance Display are described as follows:

  • Input User ID - The user ID associated with this entry in FTPTOOL. The user ID must exist on the system before setting it up in FTPTOOL, even if the user ID is ANONYMOUS for anonymoust FTP support.
  • Input IP Address - Enter an IP address to associate with the user ID, or leave this field blank. This is useful when you want to set up different restrictions for a user depending on the IP address they are connecting with. Leaving this field blank will allow you to set up restrictions for the user regardless of the IP address they connect with
  • Output User ID - Enter a user ID that will be associated with the signon. This field is only valid when using a return code of 2 or 3.
  • Output Password - Enter a password to be used with the signon. This field is only valid when using a return code of 2.
  • Current Library - Enter a default library for the user. If a default directory has been set up, this field is ignored.
  • Return Code - Enter a return code to be associated for this user. The following table describes the valid return codes and their uses:
  • Log - Specify if you want to log FTP commands for this user or not.

When setting up an Anonymous login, a return code of 3 is normally used.

The valid options are as follows:

  • 1=Add - To add a new user to FTPTOOL, enter a 1 on the top blank line, fill in the rest of the information and press enter.
  • 2=Default Directory - To specify a default directory for a user, select this option next to the user and you will be prompted to enter a default directory for that user.
  • 3=Copy - Use this option to set up a new user in FTPTOOL and copy information from an existing user.
  • 4=Delete - Select this option to remove a user from the FTPTOOL interface. Deleting a user will delete all operations and commands associated with that user
  • 9=Work with Operations - Select this option to work with operations for a specific user.