OBJTOOL Release Notes

v1.00b  - Beta Version - Expires December 1, 2001
v1.01b  - Beta Version - Expires January 1, 2002
    Added F12 for Cancel
          Fixed cursor jump after pagedown, F5, etc
          Completion message no longer "Completed Normally".  Instead
           the correct message for the command executed is displayed.
          Added wildcard for Library on WRKLIBOBJ
          Added use of *PRV for WRKxxxOBJ commands
          Don't allow screen parms to be blank
          Submit Compiles
          No need to refresh after delete, move, or copy commands
 Fixed error with Sending Program message for V3R2 (not tested)
          Added option 5 for CMD 
          When copying or moving objects and/or members and the target
           object/member exists, prompt user to delete existing 
          Added option 11 for Move Objects
v1.02b  - Beta Version - Expires January 1, 2002
          Added list for 7=Rename
          When using option 12 on a library, the attribute field was
           left blank causing an error.  Updated command to use *ALL.
          Monitor for compile messages.
          Attribute for members now must end in an M.  For example,
           PF-SRCM and PF-DTAM.  This has been updated in the 
           system command file.
          Updated command line to accept parameters and Commands.
          F9 will retrieve last command from OBJTOOL or other system
           command lines.
          Position cursor to command line when F9 is used.
v1.03b  - On commands entered on the command line, completion messages 
           where not displayed.  Fixed.\
          If command entered on command line, position cursor back 
           to command line.
          If the object list was empty, commands on the command line 
           didn't work.  Fixed.
          Option 13 automatically refreshes.
v1.04b  - Added F13=Repeat   
v1.05b  - Updated repeat option so that if a user cancelled out of
           an option, it wouldn't keep reading the subfile.    
v1.06b  - Updated error reporting.  
          When using F13=Repeat, options on command line would be
           removed after the first option was excecuted.  Fixed.
          If command or options entered on a command line end in
           error, the command will stay on the command line.  
v1.07b  - QTEMP was not allowed as a library.  Now it is valid.
          Allow *generic* searches on object names and member names.  
v1.08b  - When using the COPY option on objects, if the object was not
           type *FILE the command would fail.  Fixed.
v1.09b  - Fixed delete option for *MENU type objects.
          Fixed color of 1st row of function keys.  Some emulators
           were showing them green instead of blue.
          Added error checking to API calls that check the last key 
           pressed outside of OBJTOOL.  Pre V4R2 OS machines will not 
           have the ability to exit out of a multiple list option.
          Fixed QTEMP as library on options 2 and 3 from OBJTOOL menu.
           Was not allowing this.
v2.00  -  Fixed bugs that caused paging problems.  
          Changed method of accessing IBM system files to use SQL so that
           version wouldn't matter and cause file level checks.  Now one version
           will work from V3R2 on up.
          Removed beta status.