SPLTOOL Release Notes


v1.01 - Original

v1.02 - Added option to copy file to folder

v1.03 - Was using RTVSPLFA TAATOOL. Changed to use API

v1.04 - Added option to copy spooled file to physical file

v2.01 - Misc. updates

v3.01 - Added option (F17) on copy to shared folder to not include a

pattern of lines (ie heading, etc)

v3.02 - Allow selection of page to select lines to omit on F17 option

v3.03 - Fixed problem when copying page ranges to a shared folder

v3.04 - Added option to select number of copies for print spooled

file range option. Duplicated more parameters from original

spooled file to new spooled file to avoid format errors.

v3.05 - Fixed bug when there were special characters in the form type.

Retained FONT and RPLUNPRT attributes.

v3.06 - Was only displaying 7 pages of spooled file max. Fixed API

processing to display all spooled files. Added F17=Top and

F18=Bottom to display.

v3.07 - Added extended folder path for copy to shared folder option.

v3.08 - Cleanup of temp printer file in QTEMP


v4.01b - This beta version is an updated version with the same

functionality of PRTRNG. The most major improvement is

the ablility to submit any of the processes which PRTRNG


v4.02b - Allow selection of job queue to submit job.

v4.03 - Added storage of default values by user. Default values

include Batch(Y/N), Default OUTQ, Default JOBQ, Default

Folder, and Default PC Extention (for SPL2FLR).

Fixed problem when sending a document to an extended folder


v5.01 - Added the ability to store a spooled file to anywhere on the

IFS. The new option is option 8 (Copy to Stream File). This

option will ask you for a file name (which can be formatted

the same as a W95 file name) and a directory in which to place

the spooled file.

v5.02 - Added parameters for the Print Range option of HOLD and SAVE.

These parameters can be set up in the defaults screen for each

user, and can also be changed when performing the Print Range

option. The valid values for HOLD and SAVE are *YES, *NO and

*SAME. *SAME means that the same values from the original

spooled file will be used when creating the new spooled file.

v6.00 - Removed the need to register for full working version.

v6.10 - Added ability to send spooled files via FTP. Prior knowledge

of FTP is a prerequisite.

Reorganized defaults screen. Each seperate option is now

separated so that organization of defaults is easier.

v6.12 - Combined service packs ST032299, ST040299 and ST040999. These

service packs added options to run commands in batch without

using the SPLTOOL interface. The new commands are:

SPL2FTPB - Spooled File to FTP (Batch)

SPL2STMFB - Spooled File to Stream File (Batch)

SPL2FLRB - Spooled File to Shared Folder (Batch)

Added option to place a Title on an HTML document when using

the .htm or .html extension and copying with FTP, to the IFS

or a shared Folder

Fixed problem when copying to a .doc file. The last line of

every page was shifted to the right.

v6.13 - Added user options very similar to PDM's user options.

v6.14 - Added the command Spooled File Tools Configuration

(SPLTOOLCFG). This command will allow you to limit all

options, most function keys, and user and output queue

parameters in the SPLTOOL display. Issue the

command SPLTOOLCFG and change options listed for certain

users. Change the *DFT user to specify options for users

that are not listed in the file. New users can be added by

typing the user name to add in the blank line, which is the

last entry in the list.


If you previously used the command parameter Restrict User

(RSTUSR), this option is no longer supported as this

restriction can be added with the SPLTOOLCFG command.

v6.15 - Various fixes and updates.

There have been reported problems with Batch downloads,

especially to a folder. The problem was that there are only

eight characters to fill and to make this unique was not easy.

I have since added the following naming scheme for batch

spooled file downloads, as well as the default when performing

these interactivley:

Folder: S + Last 4 of Job# + Last 3 of Spooled File #

Stream File: Job + Job# + Spooled File #

FTP: Job + Job# + Spooled File #

v6.16b - Version 6.16b (beta). This version adds new parameters to the

folder, Stream file, and FTP commands. Because of the amount

of changes made, this is a beta version. Please report any


New Parameters:

SPL2FLR - Spooled File To Folder

Translation Table - Enter the translation table and library

for the translation table to use for the copy to PC

document command.

SPL2STMF - Spooled File to Stream File

Translation Table - Enter the translation table and library

for the translation table to use for the copy to stream

file command.

Code Page - Enter the code page to use for the copy to

stream file command. This can be left (for US users)

at 437 which also works with HTML files.

SPL2FTP - Spooled File to FTP

FTPRep - Enter the FTP Representation to use for the

FTP command. This is a command such as ASCII or BIN.

v6.17 - This new version adds a new parameter to the SPL2FTPB and

SPL2STMFB batch commands. The new parameter is File Name

Prefix (NAMPFX). Specifying other than *JOB (the default)

will name the spooled files starting with this parameter.

This prefix can be up to 20 characters. The rest of the file

name will be the job number followed by the spooled file


I also fixed the FTP and Stream file commands in SPLTOOL and

in the batch commands so that the ending "/" is not needed.

If it is not included, it will be added automatically.

v6.18 - Changed the way the batch FTP is processed. Instead of

signing on to the remote machine and sending one file, and

repeating, all spooled files are copied to a temp file and

then they are all sent at once. This should dramatically

improve peformance using the SPL2FTPB command.

v7.00 - Changed the Spooled File Number parameter from character to

numeric on the SPL2FTP, SPL2FLR, SPL2STMF, SPL2PF, and

PRTRNG commands. This is because some people were having

troubles with this.

Added extra error checking to avoid hard halts. If something

doesn't seem to be working, always check the job log for

clues. If needbe, you can email me your job log and I

can help as well.

Various updates. Added registration requirement for

spooled files of 30 pages.

v7.01 - Added spooled file name to the batch commands (SPL2FTPB,

SPL2FLRB, and SPL2STMFB). If you have any applications that

use these commands, you will have to update them. This

parmeter can be *ALL, generic*, or a name.

Fixed problem with SPL2FTPB command. When using this command,

the only or the last (if multiple spooled files were

downloaded) would contain duplicate data.

Fixed another possible problem with SPL2FTPB. If library

QTEMP was not in your library list, this command would error

out on multiple spooled file downloads.

v7.02 - Updated SPLTOOL FTP option to build input and output FTP

command files in QTEMP instead of the SPLTOOL library.

This increases security and allows multiple instances of

the FTP option to be run.

v7.03 - Fixed bug on display. The user name and number headings

were reversed on the SPL2STMF display.

Added new options to the batch commands (SPL2FLRB, SPL2STMFB,

and SPL2FTPB). There are two new parameters. The first is

Only File Name. You can specify *YES on this parameter to

tell SPLTOOL that you wish to specify the file name of the

target file. The next parameter is File Name. On this

parameter, you can specify a file name for the target file.

Special values *JOB, *USER, and *FILE can be used to name the

target file accordingly.

v7.10b - Added new command, Spooled File to E-Mail (SPL2EMAIL). This

option must be downloaded and installed seperately from

SPLTOOL because it requires a minimum of V4R3 of the OS.

Added special values *ONLY and *LAST to SPLNBR parameter and

special value of * (current job) for JOB parameter on


Added *FIRST special value to from page parameter and *LAST

special value to to page parameter.

Added code to produce a PDF document when the PDF extension

is used in the SPL2FLR, SPL2STMF, SPL2FTP, or SPL2EMAIL

commands. I suggest not using translation table QASCII

when copying to PDF. Use table Q037337850 instead.

Because so many changes were made to this version, it is

labeled "b" for beta. Please reports any bugs you find to

me. Thanks!

v7.12b - Updated PDF option. Added more error checking in programs.

Fixed problem with line selections. Fixed problem with

changing defaults for a user was not picking up the

*DFT user options.

v7.20b - Changed screen in SPLTOOL for SPL2EMAIL option

to use command (because of multiple "to" addresses).

Added default "from address" from SMTP system table if

not in SPLTOOL defaults or from address is blank.

Added *FIRST and *LAST to all commands for From and To Pages.

If the PDF option is used, change CCSID to 37 if it's not

before running process, then change it back.

Added F21 Command line interface. This defaults to N, so

most users won't get it. Also, the command key description

will not appear in the function key list even if it is


Added *ONLY and *LAST as parms for spooled file number for

the PRTRNG command. * for Job is also available.

PDF creation parameters are now controlled by the file

SPLPDFPF. The command SPLPDFCFG will allow you to enter

PDF creation parameters for the original spooled file

page width, length, lpi, and cpi. Values entered for PDF

are width, length, top starting postion, left starting

position, spacing, and font size. Most of the defaults

from the previous version are already set up, but you may

need to add entries for your reports.

v7.21b - Added file name to filtering critera on SPLTOOL command.

Added from and to email addresses to SPLLOGPF file. Only

the first "To" email address will be logged in this file if

multiple to email addresses are used. This change requires

you download and install v1.12 of SPL2EMAIL.

Made filename paramter 150 characters (from 50) for SPL2STMF

and SPL2FTP commands.

v7.22 - Change CRTPF commands to specify *NO because some people had

the command default at *YES.

Added use for wildcards on user id, user date,

file name, and form type on SPLTOOL command and SPLTOOL

main display.

Change length of user id and password on FTP commands from

30 to 64. If using the FTP command from the SPLTOOL

interface, the display is still 30 characters. If you need

this updated as well, just let me know.

Add option to not include blank pages on Stream File, Folder,

FTP, and Email commands. This was because some reporting

systems would produce blank pages between pages when they

weren't supposed to. This command paramter will not show up

if using the SPLTOOL interface (except on the Email Command)

so you much change the command default to the option you


v7.23 - Removed processing that changes the job CCSID to 37 if it

was not 37 for PDF files. If your AS/400 does not run

with a default CCSID of 37 (non-US mainly) please double

check PDF creation.

Fixed bug in SPL2FTP command. If target directory was left

blank the send would fail.

Fixed bug when putting spooled files to HTML. If printed a

blank sheet would print as the last page.

Added *ADD as an option for the RPLF option on SPL2STMF and

SPL2STMFB commands. This new option will append the file

to an existing stream file.

Added new user option parameters. &R is user data, &A is

creation date (CYYMMDD), and &E is creation time (HHMMSS).

Made cursor sticky on SPLTOOL screen. Right now this option

only works if one spooled file is selected.

Fixed bug in SPLTOOL program where F12=Cancel would save

changes when changing SPLTOOL defaults.

Added User Data to be specified as the file prefix or file

name on SPL2FTPB and SPL2STMFB commands. Use special

value *USRDTA.

v7.30 - Added date range parameters to Batch commands (SPL2FTPB,

SPL2FLRB, and SPL2STMFB). Added more error checking.

v7.31 - Added RTF and updated HTML format. Both of these formats

now support bold and underline. If you find any problems,

please contact me.

Made SPLTOOL display more "sticky". Stays on same page after

deleting spooled files.

v7.32 - Updated internal processing to speed up consecutive commands

(copy to folder, ifs, email, ftp or print range, pf) faster

if copying the same spooled file more than once consecutively.

If you are using SPL2EMAIL you must upgrade to v1.18.

v7.33 - Added List Spooled File Attributes (SPLATT) command.

This release contains all service packs through st031202.

v8.00 - Consolodated the SPL2EMAIL commands into the SPLTOOL library.

You will need MAILTOOL v3.00 or higher installed when

using v8.00 of SPLTOOL or higher and wish to use the

SPL2EMAIL or SPL2EMAILB commands. You also will no longer

need to download and install the SPL2EMAIL product


v8.01 - Added ability to work with all user defaults from the


All previous service pack fixes for version 8.00 are

applied to this version.

v8.02 - Updated to work with MAILTOOL v3.02 and higher that allow a

maximum of 50 attachments instead of 20.

Updated the Stream File, Folder, and FTP commands so that

the special value &U can be used in the directory or folder

path. This value will be replaced with the current user's

name. This value can be used in the defaults, in the

SPLTOOL interface, or on the SPL2FLR, SPL2STMF, or

SPL2FTP commands. If you are using this value alone on

a command it must be enclosed in apostrophes (ie '&U').

v8.03 - (v8.02 SP) Added *USERD as option for filename when specifying only file *YES

on SPL2EMAILB command. This will cause the user data portion of the

spooled file to be the file name.

(v8.02 SP) Added OBJAUT and DTAAUT parameters to the SPL2STMF and SPL2STMFB

commands. These are used when CRTDIR(*YES) is specified and allows you

to set the public authority to the newly created directory.

(v8.02 SP) Added the option to include ending blank lines in a page or not. The

default is to leave them in. If you do not want trailing blank lines

in a page then use the following command:


(v8.02 SP) Added ability to name files using substitution variabls on the

SPL2FTPB command. The following substitution variables are supported:

&F - File Name

&J - Job Name

&N - Job Number

&U - User ID

&S - Spooled File Number

&R - User Data

These variables may be used in the PC extension (EXT) parameter and if

Only file name (ONLYF) is specified as *YES then you can use these

variables to name the file on the File name (FNAME) parameter.

(v8.02 SP) Added ability to name files using substitution variabls on the

SPL2STMFB command. The following substitution variables are supported:

&F - File Name

&J - Job Name

&N - Job Number

&U - User ID

&S - Spooled File Number

&R - User Data

These variables may be used in the PC extension (EXT) parameter and if

Only file name (ONLYF) is specified as *YES then you can use these

variables to name the file on the File name (FNAME) parameter.

Updated processing of backslash character. Mainly for

functionality of non-US customers.

v8.04 - NOTE: If you also are using MAILTOOL or AFPTOOL you will require

at least the versions listed here with this version of SPLTOOL:

MAILTOOL v3.21 or higher

AFPTOOL v2.04 or higher

To find versions of software you are using, see the instructions at


(v8.03 SP) Added options for DBCS when creating temp files.

(v8.03 SP) Added option to not include blank at the end of a document in

text type reports. To omit blank lines, issue the following




(v8.03 SP) Added AFPTOOL functionality to the SPLTOOL display interface. Using

option 8 (Copy to Stream File) will execute the AFPTOOL command

if the AFPTOOL command is installed and in your library list.

(v8.03 SP) Option 10 (EMail Spooled File) will allow you to email an AFP

spooled file from the SPLTOOL display interface if the AFPTOOL command

is installed and in your library list.

(v8.03 SP) AFP type spooled files will apear with a pink filename in the list of

available spooled files.

Options 1, 2, 7, 9 and 11 were disabled for AFP type spooled files.

(v8.03 SP) AFP Spooled files will also be handled by the AFPTOOL command when

using the SPL2EMAIL or SPL2EMAILB commands.

Added the following parameters to SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB to

be compatible with MAILTOOL:

Importance (IMP)



Recipient Separator (RECSEP)

Debug (DEBUG)

Added the following parameters to SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB to

be compatible with AFPTOOL:

Manufacturer Type and Model (MFRTYPMDL)



Page Width (WIDTH)

Page Length (LENGTH)

Page Rotation (ROTATE)

Margin Offset (MARO)

Left Margin Offset (LMARO)

Top Margin Offset (TMARO)

Changed sizes of addresses and names in SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB to be

256 characters instead of 128 to be compatible with MAILTOOL.

v8.05 - (v8.04 SP) Update application to accept more lines when creating a PDF file.

(v8.04 SP) Small bug in SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands that always requested

a read receipt. Fixed commands.

Updated application to look specifically at the spooled file to see if it is DBCS or not.

Previously the system value QIGC was looked at to determine if DBCS data was present.

New version checks both the system value and the spooled file attributes. If either is

marked for DBCS, then SPLTOOL will treat the spooled file as DBCS.

v8.06 - Added reply to addresses and reply to name parameter. NOTE: You will need

MAILTOOL v3.25 or newer for this functionality!

Added Debug File parameter. This allows you to name the debug file. Again, you will

need MAILTOOL v3.28 or newer for this functionality!

v8.10 - **NOTE**

Updated registration to use Serial Number and Model number.

Removed 30 page limit from unregistered version. Instead, temporary keys will be

issued to allow unlimited testing for a period of time.

-- Current Users --

Email me a note with your serial number(s) and model number(s) before you

install this version so I can get you a new key.

-- New Users --

Email me and I will get you a temporary key. This temporary key will allow you

to use SPLTOOL with all functionality for a limited period of time. You

need a temporary key or a permanent key to use SPLTOOL.

Fixed bug with SPLTOOL Interface when first entering with an invalid output queue.

(v8.06 SP) Added the ability to send extra attachments along with the

SPL2EMAIL or SPL2EMAILB commands. This is done by entering the

full qualified path of the IFS file(s) to attach in the

Extra Attachment (XATTACH) parameter on either the SPL2EMAIL

or SPL2EMAILB commands.

Keep in mind that the maximum attachments, including

spooled file attachments is 50.

(v8.06 SP) Bug with SPL2EMAIL command that would truncate messages longer

than 1024 characters. Updated application to be sure the full

4096 characters were included in message.

(v8.06 SP) Added ability to use substitution characters in the filename

and/or extension for SPL2EMAILB command when specifying ONLYFILE(*YES).

&F - File name

&J - Job Name

&N - Job Number

&U - User

&S - Spooled File Number

&R - User Data

(v8.06 SP) Fixed bug when converting spooled file to HTML

v8.11 - Updated commands and applications to accept 6 digit spooled file number.

v8.12 - (v8.11 SP) Added date range display option to SPLTOOL interface. Use the

F10 key to display a subset selection window. In this window

you can subset the display including a beginning and ending

creation date. If either date is zero that particular date

(either the start or end dat) will not be used for selection

criteria. So if you wanted to view all spooled files starting

with those in 2004, you could enter 01012004 for the start date

and leave the end date blank.

Updated SPLTOOL interface to perform better. Changed APIs that were used.

Added F13=Repeat to the SPLTOOL interface. This will be used to repeat options

in the subfile similar to PDM.

Updated SPLTOOL command so that the default for the OUTQ parameter is *LAST. This

will allow you to use the last outq you viewed when in SPLTOOL.

v8.13 - (v8.12 SP) Changed format option on spooled file API to try and

increase performance of SPLTOOL interface.

Fixed bug in temporary registration key processing. Would give invalid dates for

machines running with non MMDDYYYY date formats.

v8.20 - (v8.13 SP) Fixed bug in SPLTOOL interface. Refresh wouldn't work if

display was currently listing no spooled files.

Fixed SPLTOOL display so function keys are the same when there are spooled

files in the list and when the list is empty.

Added MAILTOOL Plus! parameters to SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands. You

will need to make sure you have at least MAILTOOL v4.02 installed for

compatibility reasons.

v8.21 - (v8.20 SP) Fixed bug in SPL2EMAIL command. Wasn't selecting lines to

omit correctly unless it lines started at the first line.

This problem mainly occured using option 11 from the SPLTOOL


Added functionality to SPL2STMF, SPL2STMFB, SPL2FTP and SPL2FTPB commands

to recognize if a spooled file is AFPDS. If so, it will use the AFPTOOL

command to perform the conversion. This means AFPTOOL must be installed

and in the library list. This functionality already exists for the

SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands.

v8.22 - Added functionality for SENDWITH parameters for AFPDS spooled files when

sending with SPL2EMAIL or SPL2EMAILB. Previously only SCS spooled files

recognized these parameters.

v8.30 - (v8.22 SP) Fixed processing for page ranges. When selecting page ranges

it would always process entire spooled file.

(v8.22 SP) Updated so that it would stop processing after it reached the

last specified page.

(v8.22 SP) Fixed bug with DBCS spooled files adding a blank character to

the first

column of every line.

(v8.22 SP) Fixed bug with DBCS spooled files adding a blank character to

the first column of every line using the PRTRNG command.

(v8.22 SP) Updated so the max number of pages that can be converted to

PDF is no longer 3000 pages, but around 10,000 pages.

Updated processing to speed up the conversion time dramatically.

With this update the Translation Table (TRNTBL) parameters have been

removed from the commands and the Stream File code Page (STMFCODPG) will

be used for EBCDIC to ASCII conversions which means that special tables

(especially for non-US code pages) will no longer be needed and conversions

should be much more accurate.

Added more error checking in commands for SCS and AFPDS spooled files.

v8.40 - (V8.30 SP) Fixed small bug when using the .doc extension. File was corrupt.

Removed TRNTBL parms from calls to SPLTOOL commands from the SPLTOOL


Added capability to merge multiple spooled files into one document. This

can be done using the "batch" commands and specifying MERGE(*YES) or

using the single commands using the proper sequence. See online

documentation for more details.

Added &C as replacement variable in the SPLTOOL interface. This variable

will use the current user id instead of the user id attached to the

spooled file.

Updated protection on subset window. If output queue or user id were

set to be protected, also protected them here.

Added protection for the F10 key in the SPLTOOLCFG command.

v8.41 - (v8.40 SP) Fixed bug when using SPLTOOL commands and specifying a negative margin

values for AFPDS spooled files.

(v8.40 SP) Fixed bug with SPLTOOLCFG command. Display would error out with more than

10 records displayed on certain systems.

(v8.40 SP) Changed SPL2FTP and SPL2FTPB commands to hide password from the command display.

(v8.40 SP) Fixed small bug when creating TXT file the last column would be truncated in

certain cases.

(v8.40 SP) Fixed bug in SPLTOOL interface using option 2 (SPL2FLR). If a sub-folder was

specified in defaults an error would result.

(v8.40 SP) Fixed small issue when creating a PDF and text was bold and underline, bold

didn't always come through on PDF.

(v8.40 SP) Fixed issue when creating PDFs from spooled files that didn't use the UNDERLINE

keyword but did underline data

Added more replacement variables to the SPL2EMAILB, SPL2FTPB and SPL2STMFB

commands. New values are as follows:

&CY = Current year

&CM = Current month

&CD = Current day

&PY = Spooled file year

&PM = Spooled file month

&PD = Spooled file day

v8.50 - (v8.41 SP) Updated PDF version from 1.0 to 1.1 for compatibility with other

readers such as the Blackberry.

(v8.41 SP) Fixed bug when using option 9 (FTP) option from SPLTOOL interface.

When batch default was set to Y, program would error.

(v8.41 SP) Added ability back to select lines to omit when using the copy to folder,

stream file, FTP or email options from the SPLTOOL interface. To use the

selection feature simply enter the option followed by the letter "S".

(v8.41 SP) Fixed bugs in batch commands when an invalid output queue was specified.

(v8.41 SP) Cleaned up commmands on the SPLTOOL interface so if values were blank

empty quotes would not be placed in the fields.

(v8.41 SP) Changed method of using special characters from using the SPLCTLPF file to

converting them to the CCSID of the job that is running.

(v8.41 SP) Fixed bug when using long filenames and emailing AFPDS spooled files.

Changed PDF creation to remove any page limit. In previous versions this limit

was around 10,000 pages. Now, the only limit is with the amount of storage

available. So please be careful!

v8.51 - (v8.50 SP) Fixed bug when using copy to folder option that cased application

to fail.

v9.00 - (v8.51 SP) Updated SPL2EMAIL, SPL2STMF, SPL2FLR and SPL2FTP commands to

throw a CPF message if the spooled file wasn't found on the

system or there was an error retrieving the spooled file

attributes so MONMSG can be used to trap errors.

(v8.51 SP) Fixed bug when merging more than 50 spooled files. Program

would error out and not send email. (S2E001RG)

(v8.51 SP) Changed DIR parameter in SPL2STMF to 256 characters (from 63)

(v8.51 SP) Changed SPL2FTP and SPL2FTPB commands so the user can specify

*USRDFT for IP address, user id, password and directory. When

this special value is used the defaults from SPLTOOL interface

will be used.

Registration updates.

v9.01 - Registration fix. If you aquired keys for v9.00 of SPLTOOL, please contact

us for new keys for this version.

v9.02 - (v9.01 SP) Updated SPL2STMF, SPL2FTP and SPL2EMAIL to allow the TIFF

extension for *AFPDS spooled files instead of just PDF.

Previously would give an error saying "Extension not allowed".

(v9.01 SP) Updated SPL2EMAIL command so you could specify *XATT for the

message body and have the first extra attachment listed as the

body of the message while still having the converted spooled

file as an attachment.

Updated SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands to allow new parms used with

MAILTOOL v6.04 and up. These parms are SENDNAME, SENDADDR, MXLOOKUP,

AUTHUSER and AUTHPW. MAILTOOL v6.04 or higher is REQUIRED if you are

using the SPL2EMAIL or SPL2EMAILB commands.

v9.03 - (v9.02 SP) Update SPL2EMAIL and SPL2FTP commands to throw "catchable"

errors if the spooled file was not found.

(v9.02 SP) Update to SPL2FTP command to check for errors transferring

files. Should the number of files converted not equal the

number of successful file transfers an error is thrown.

(v9.02 SP) Added replacment variable &T for Form Type to SPL2EMAILB


(v9.02 SP) Updated SPL2STMFB command so file name could be a max of 150

characters instead of 63.

(v9.02 SP) Updated SPLATT command to capture the spooled file size (in KB)

Added FOOTER parameters to SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands to be

compatible with MAILTOOL v6.07 and higher

Downloads previous to 4/23/2008 were missing S2FB01RG object. This

version contains this object.

v9.10 - (v9.03 SP) Using REPLACE(*ADD) wasn't adding to current files.

Updated application to make sure this functioned as before.

Added PDF Encryption/Password protection. When creating a PDF

file using SPLTOOL use the PDF PAssword (PDFPASS) to specify a

password to be added to the PDF file that is created.

v9.20 - (v9.10 SP) Fixed bug in SPL2FLR command where it would throw an error

saying the number of parms doesn't match on the call to


(v9.10 SP) SPL2FTPB command was giving errors saying more spooled files

were sent than were really sent when the text "226" was

somewhere else in the FTP Log file (like in Bytes Sent).

Changed the check to check only the first 3 bytes of the

log file for 226 for a successful send.

Added PDF Overlay (OVERLAY) paramater to SPL2STMF, SPL2STMFB,

SPL2EMAIL, SPL2EMAILB, SPL2FTP and SPL2FTPB commands. This new

parameter allows you to specify a PDF file that resides in the IFS

that will be overlayed on top of the PDF created by SPLTOOL. This

can be used for report design, adding letterheads, etc.

Added object SPLTOOLV type *DTAARA that now holds the SPLTOOL


v9.30 - (v9.20 SP) Fixed bug with SPL2EMAILB command when merging multiple spooled

files. Was throwing an array index error.

Updated overlay processing (PDFBox to iText change).

v9.31 - (v9.30 SP) Fixed bug with PDF generation when underlining command came

before a new text line it would possibly bold letters before

underline was done.

(v9.30 SP) Found bug when using a password on PDF of greater than 25

characters caused Java Shell screen to be displayed. Fixed.

Updated PDF version from 1.1 to 1.4.

v9.40 (v9.31 SP) Bug using SPL2EMAIL and converting AFPDS spooled files

to TIFF would error out. Fixed.


SPL2FTP, and SPL2FTPB. This new parm is PDFCONCAT and allows you

to specify the path to a PDF file in the IFS to concatenate to the

end of the PDF(s) created by these commands.

v9.41 (v9.40 SP) Fixed issue in SPLTOOL commands when concating PDFs and

the command failed the first time, when it tried again it

ran the wrong application.

(v9.40 SP) Added new command named PDFCAT which will allow users to

manually concatenate PDF files onto other PDF files.

(v9.40 SP) Bug when sending emails and using auth user parm and this

value had a special character in it. Fixed.

(v9.40 SP) Added FROM and TO dates to SPL2EMAILB command.

Bug in the PDF Overlay functionality where a class not found error

would occur, fixed.

v9.42 - Bug in PDF Overlay from previous versions. Updated JARs and fixed.

v9.50 - (v9.42 SP) Fixed problem when using overlay and filename contains special

characters. This would leave the file with a .tmp extension in

the directory instead of renaming it.

(v9.42 SP) Added command PDFOVLY which allows you to add an overlay to

an existing PDF file in the IFS.

(v9.42 SP) Updated overlay, concat, and pdf password programs to use JNI

interface instead of RUNJVA for a performance increase.

Updated all commands to include the use of system name, creation date,

and creation time for spooled file selection. These values should

default to *ONLY and shouldn't cause any issues with existing

applications not making use of these parameters.

This update was needed if there are duplicate spooled files on the

system such as saving and restoring spooled files using BRMS.

v9.51 - Updated java apps required for adding passwords and concatonating PDF files

that were causing some errors on JDK v1.5 machines.

v9.60 - (v9.51 SP) Fixed classpath issues with PDFCAT and PDFOVLY commands.

Updated merging process so that AFPDS spooled files converted to PDF

can be merged as well. With merging there is a limit now that ONLY

PDF files can be merged. There were issues with merging the other

formats. Also, each spooled file now creates it's own PDF and can

have it's own attributes (ie different sizes, layouts, etc).

Updated all password type parameters to be hidden in the job log. Keep

in mind that using F9 to bring back the command will mean you will

need to re-enter any password (such as a PDF password, FTP password, etc)

Added SSL and PORT parameters to SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB for MAILTOOL

Plus Compatibilty

Removed merging from SPL2FLR and SPL2FLRB commands. These commands will

eventually be removed from the SPLTOOL package. If you are using them

please plan on changing to use the SPL2STMF and SPL2STMFB commands instead.

Support for the QDLS file system for SPLTOOL will be elimitated.

v9.61 - (v9.60 SP) Fixed date issues when JOB date is different than MDY.

Added the new parmameter PDFFONT to the SPLTOOL commands to allow the user

to select *COURIER (default), *TIMES (Times New Roman), or

*HELV (Helvetica) as the font used when *SCS spooled files are converted

to PDF. Keep in mind all fonts except for Courier are proportional and

will not align columns as expected when converting spooled file reports.

v9.62 - Fixed bug when using SPL2EMAILB or SPL2FTPB. Was giving error

saying it couldn't find the file to convert.

Bug when using SPL2EMAIL with AFPDS spooled file and email

server required authentication. Would crash with error

on MAILTOOL command.

Updated commands so that the OVERLAY parameter default could

be changed by the user.

Updated application to use different APIs for CLASSPATH

environment variables so that the HTTP Server is not


Added debugging to the overlay process. If there is an error

that isn't trapped by the system (JNI) it will output that

error to /tmp/bvstoolslog.txt file.

When using SPL2FLR following message was given:

"PDF file *YES does not exist. Concat ignored."


SP111031 - Found that converting certain characters (like the degree

symbol) the program was corrupting these. Updated to fix.

SP111102 - Updated SPLTOOL interface and commands to allow the entry of

mixed case user data field.

v9.63 - Added option to tell software to put PDF overlay on the top or bottom

of the PDF created using the SPLTOOL commands or PDFOVLY command.

The default was bottom and still remains the default.

SP111222 - When converting and emailing an AFPDS spooled file and specifying

a footer for the email, it would not work as it did on SCS spooled

files. Fixed.

SP120417 - Updated "Batch" applications so that when they create a user space

that user space will be auto-extended in size up to the max size.

SP120504 - Updated SPL2STMFB and SPL2FTPB to use the &T replacement value.

SP120521 - Fixed batch commands. Since changing user data to upper/lower case

if the value *all was used, it wouldn't be treated as *ALL.

v9.64 - Added to the SPLTOOL interface defaults a default overlay. When using options

from the SPLTOOL interface this will be used to automatically fill in the

overlay parameter.

Added the option to set up PDF configuration entires based on user ID. When

using the SPLPDFCFG command there is now a user id field. Press F10 will

enable you to use this field. Any entries added with a user ID will need

to match the spooled file attributes (Length, Width, LPI and CPI) exactly

for it to take affect.

SP121102 - Added option to use the value *USRDFT for the overlay parameter


SPL2FTPB commands. Using *USRDFT for the overlay will use

the default set up for the user in the SPLTOOL inteface.

To set this default sign on as the user to change the value

for, use the SPLTOOL command to start the SPLTOOL interface,

select F23 for Defaults and change the overlay paratmer in the

Global Defaults section.

SP130329 - Added option to SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands to allow *TLS

on the SSL parameter.

v9.65 - Added the SPLPDFCFG2 command which allows users to set up PDF attributes

dependant upon the User Data field of the spooled file. Users can

add records to this file with specific User Data values that can be used

to override the PDF document attributes such as page size, spacing,

and font size. Please note, if a record is matched in this file the

data that is in the SPLPDFCFG command is ignored.

SP140219b - Fixed HTML and pagebreaks. Not having </p> on the page break

markup caused issues in some cases.

SP140303 - Added the option in the SPLTOOL interface to use option 10 (email)

on multiple spooled files at once

SP140304 - Fixed issue when specifying a default TO address and using option 10

on multiple spooled files.

SP140501 - Added Job Name and Job Number to the SPLTOOL command and interface for

better subsetting options.

v9.66 - Added the ability to specify a default library for the SPL2PF command.

v9.67 - Added the ability to use configuration files for sending emails when using the


Added SAVE, MSGID, MSGIDDOM, CLOSECON in addition to the CONFIG parameter for

MAILTOOL compatibility.

MAILTOOL v7.10 or higher is required for this version of SPLTOOL.

v9.68 - Increased the size of the user options field from 256 to 1024 bytes.

Added the option to specify &X and the default extension for the user will be

replaced in the string.

SP140807 - Updated application so that if the SPLUCREATE data area is not

set to *YES, if a user runs the SPLTOOL command and they are not

set up in the user file (SPLTOOLPF, which is configured with the

SPLTOOLCFG command) they are exited out of the command. If the

value of this data area is *YES, it will function as normal.

SP140925 - Updated SPL2EMAIL so that when an error was found sending an email

the error message from MAILTOOL would be in the job log as well.

SP140926b- Updated SPL2EMAILB, SPL2STMFB and SPL2FTPB to use the QGY APIs

instead of List Spooled Files API to eliminate any errors

due to the user space getting filled and to help increase


SP140929 - Updated SPLATT command to use the QGP APIs.

SP141010 - Updated Batch Commands to report any error messages and data when

encoutered (ie, invalid Output Queue, etc).

SP150208 - Fixed bug when converting AFPDS spooled file an a file to concatenate

was specified it was being ignored.

SP150209b - SPL2EMAIL command was ignoring overrides for AFPDS spooled files. Fixed.

SP150621 - Fixed bug when using SPL2EMAIL and name was blank. Was saying that directory

entry wasn't found. Now reports an error saying it can't be blank.

SP150708 - Recompiled with latest version of MAILTOOL (v8.20).

SP150711 - Fixed SPL2EMAIL and SPL2EMAILB commands. The IMPORTANCE flag wasn't being

set properly.

SP150714 - If email address has a single quote it the quote would get doubled up. Fixed.

v10.00 - Added licensing by date (SaaS) option.

SP151016 - Fixed issue when merging spooled files with the SPL2STMFB command

and no spooled files were found an error was issued saying

invalid JOB parameter on the SPL2STMF command. Fixed.

v10.10 - Added completion message for SPL2EMAIL saying

"Email Sent To xxxxx@xxxx.xxx" as older versions did.

SP160314 - Added option to allow the IBM system to create the PDF files

for either *SCS spooled files, *AFPDS spooled files, or both.

To set this value simply change the value of the SPLPDFIBM data

area in library SPLTOOL to either *SCS for just *SCS spooled

files, *AFPDS for just *AFPDS spooled files, or *ALL

for both *SCS and *AFPDS spooled files.

SP160318 - Updated IBM conversion option to also allow overlays.

SP160318b - Updated applications so objects created in QTEMP have *PUBLIC

*ALL authority. This is useful when profile swapping is

used in applications that use SPLTOOL functions.

SP160411b - Added option 11 to SPLTOOL interface which will allow emailing

of spooled files one at a time.

Updated option 10 when cancelling the group email send with

F3 or F12 on the SPL2EMAILG command, it will reset the spooled

files that should be emailed and not include the spooled files

selected before cancelling. Also fixed bug when cancelling a

group option 10 would only be single after that.

SP160722 - Updated the SPLATT command to save the number of copies to the


v10.20 - Added PDFBC command which allows you to add a Code 128, UCC Code 128,

Code 39 or Code EAN-13 barcode to a PDF.

v10.30 - Added PDFIMG command which allows you to add an image to a PDF.

SP161013 - Made the SPLATT command a free option.

v10.31 - Updated PDFIMG command to accept a page number as well as placement

of the image either *UNDER or *OVER the PDF data.

SP161026 - Added port parameter to SPL2FTP and SPL2FTPB commands to allow

user to set the FTP port to use.

SP161130 - Added option to send emails via *G4MSMAIL on SPL2EMAIL commands.

v10.50 - Added parameters so you can add PDF Title, PDF Author, PDF Suject,

PDF Keywords and PDF Application. The PDF Creator and Creation Date

meta tags will be automatically filled. This option will not work

with SPL2FLR or SPL2FLRB. This option will also not work if you're


you use the PDFCAT command after creating a spooled file with SPLTOOL

this will also remove the PDF meta data.

Added SPLUPDATE command to make updating versions easier.

SP180724 - Added check for number of spooled file pages is greater than

999,999. If so on the SPLTOOL display the number of pages

will display 999,999 in reverse image and blinking.

Previously this would cause SPLTOOL to error out.

SP181008 - Added update so the system date format (MDY, DMY or ISO) is

used when displaying the spooled file date in the SPLTOOL


v10.51 - Updated PRTRNG command to handle spooled files over 1 million pages.

Changed the FROM and TO pages from 6 digits to 9.

Changed OS version requirements from V7R1 to V7R2.

SP200615 - Added functionality to adopt authorization lists from parent


SP210730 - Updated so that temp files created with Java will be granted

authority so they can be removed by user without *ALLOBJ


SP210922 - Replaced what seemed to be a damaged object (S2E001RG) causing

odd errors when using SPL2EMAIL.

v11.00 - Updated to be compatible with MAILTOOL v12.00 and up. In that version

the subprocedure names were updated to remove the leading hashtag (#)

from the functions. The calls the MAILTOOL functions were updated

in this version.