FTPTOOL Release Notes

v1.10 - Added global defaults for operations.  These defaults
        can be changed by using the command FTPTOOLDFT.  If a user 
        is not set up in FTPTOOL, these defaults will be used.  If
        a user is set up in FTPTOOL, any entries for the user will
        override the global defaults.  All defaults are set to *NO
        to start with.  
        Added the ability to log FTP transactions.  Global logging can
        be turned on using the FTPTOOLDFT command.  Each user set up
        in your previous version of FTPTOOL will have logging turned
        off.  If you wish to log for a user, use the FTPTOOL command
        and change the log flag from N to Y.  Logs are stored in 
        the file FTPLOGPF.
        Added a position to user name on the user setup screen of
        FTPTOOL.  This field is only valid when viewing *ALL users.
v2.00 - Various updates.  Added need to register.
v3.00 - Added the ability to run a command after a certain user
        executes a certain command.  See the command maintenance
        screen help for more information. 
        Updated the display so instead of specifying a number for an 
        FTP operation, you specify the command.  For example, instead 
        of specifying 7 for the PUT operation, you enter PUT.
v3.01 - In some cases the date in European countries would appear
         wrong in the log file.  The date in the log file should 
         always be YYYYMMDD.  I updated the date procedure to get
         the system date using an API instead of the TIME operation.
v3.10 - **NOTE**
         Updated registration to use Serial Number and Model number.
         Removed nag screens from unregistered version.  Instead, temporary 
          keys will be issued to allow unlimited testing for a period of time.
         -- Current Users --
         Email me a note with your serial number(s) and model number(s) before you
          install this version so I can get you a new key.  
         -- New Users --
         Email me and I will get you a temporary key.  This temporary key will allow you
          to use FTPTOOL with all functionality for a limited period of time.  You
          need a temporary key or a permanent key to use FTPTOOL.  
v3.11 - Fixed small problem with temporary key registration process.
v4.00 - Updated to allow the use of the IP address field.  The IP address field
         allows you to specify entries for users with specific IP addresses that
         they use to connect.  A blank IP address is a "catch all" for any IP 
         addresses not specified.  Using this option you can set up different
         limitations depending on what IP address a user is logging in from.
        Added the option to specify a home directory.  Use option 2 next to the 
         user ID you wish to add a home directory for.  If a home directory is
         specified, the current library parameter will be ignored.
v4.01 - Fixed security issue with using canonical paths in commands.
v4.02 - Updated file format when using default directory instead of default
         library.  Was causing problems displaying folders on some FTP clients.
v5.00 - (v4.02 SP) When a userid greater than 10 characters was used the FTP jobs would
         issue an error for a string out of range.  Fixed.
        Registration updates.
v5.01  - Registration fix.  If you aquired keys for v5.00 of FTPTOOL, please contact 
          us for new keys for this version.
         12/1/2009 - Removed users in version to remove confusion.
FT071022 - The "Log On" operation was not logging the IP address.  Fixed
SP100430 - The "Log On" operation was not logging the IP address.  Fixed
           Certain FTP clients were using /.. at the end of a path to 
            change to a previous directory (such as FireFox).  Updated 
            program to check for these and adjust the path if needed
            so it wouldn't go into a path that was restricted.
           Removed version from help text and added it to FTPTOOLV
            data area.
v6.00    - Added licensing by date (SaaS) option.