Chapter 2 - SPLTOOL Display Options

The SPLTOOL display contains many options that make copying page ranges and trasferring spooled easy. The display is designed to be user friendly and easy to use. If a user is familiar with either the WRKOUTQ or WRKSPLF command displays, working with SPLTOOL will seem like second nature.

Along with the basic options found in the WRKOUTQ and WRKSPLF commands, SPLTOOL has a few more options defined to perform certain tasks. What also makes SPLTOOL very versitile is the ability to create user defined options similar to the way you can create them in PDM. More on creating and using user defined options is discussed in Chapter 8.

Your display may or may not have all the options shown here. The Spooled File Tools Configuration (SPLTOOLCFG) command can be used by your system administrator to limit the options for each user.

The options available are as follows:

Adding the character "S" following the option will allow the user to select lines from each page that will be omitted from the final document created.