G4G Parameter Overrides

G4G v3.02 and up allows overriding of certain parameters that are used in the call to GETURI.

The overrides should be placed in the file G4GPARMPF. The layout of this file is as follows:

File Name . . . . G4GPARMPF                           
  Library . . . .   G4G                               
Format Descr  . .                                     
Format Name . . . RG4GPARM   
File Type . . . . PF            Unique Keys - N 
Field Name FMT Start Lngth Dec Key Field Description  
GGMID       A      1    10         User ID            
GGMPARM     A     11    64         Parameter          
GGMVALUE    A     75  1024         Value              

Parameters can be set globally by entering a blank user ID for the record.

The global values can then be overridden at a user profile level. For example, if there was a record with a blank user ID and GI_CCSID with a value of 1208, but user BVSTONE had a record with GI_CCSID and a value of 1252 the latter would be used.

The current list of values that can be overridden are as follows:

  • GI_Proxy
  • GI_Port
  • GI_BUser
  • GI_BPW
  • GI_PUser
  • GI_PPW
  • GI_LocalIP
  • GI_LocalPort
  • GI_CodPag
  • GI_Timeout
  • GI_SSLTime
  • GI_SSLApp
  • GI_CStore
  • GI_CPW
  • GI_SSL

Meanings and uses of these parameters can be found in the GETURI API Interface documentation.