Chapter 5 - The Command Maintenance Display

The Command Maintenance Display allows you to set up commands that can be run when certain FTP operations are used by a specific user. It is important to remember the the command will be executed BEFORE the FTP command is performed. So if you are doing something such as changing permissions or anything with the file, it is advised to call a program that includes a delay before performing the operation on the file.

   3/22/06                     FTP Tools (FTPTOOL)                     TS400    
 15:12:13                     Command Maintenance                     BVSTONE   
 User ID . . . BVSTONE         IP Address . . .
 Operation . . PUT
 Type options, press Enter. 
  1=Add   2=Work with Command   3=Copy   4=Delete 
 Opt User ID    Oper    Command                                                 
 F3=Exit   F4=Prompt    F5=Refresh 

The values listed in the Command Maintenance Display are described as follows:

  • User ID - The user ID that you are currently working with.
  • Oper - The FTP operation that you are currently working with
  • Command - The command that will be run when this user executes this FTP operation. When entering a new command, you may use the F4 key to prompt on the command to enter values. The special value &F will be replaced with the fully qualified path of the object the operation was performed on. &U will be replaced with the user ID, &O will be replaced with the operation performed, and &I will be replaced with the remote IP address.

The valid options are as follows:

  • 1=Add - To add a new command, enter a 1 on the top blank line, fill in the rest of the information and press enter.
  • 2=Work With Command - Use this option to work with a command that is already set up.
  • 3=Copy - Use this option to set up a new command and copy information from an existing operation.
  • 4=Delete - Select this option to remove command.