* g4msod_sendItemInvite - Send a Sharing Invite *

* *

* Output: *

* out_errMsg - The error message (if error exists). *

* *

* Returns: *

* -1 for error, 0 for success *

* *

* Settable Variables ([r]=required) *

* id - MS ID [r] *

* item_id - The ID of the item to delete. Either this or *

* path is required. [r] *

* path - The fully qualified name of the file or folder to *

* delete. Either this or item_id is requred. [r] *

* message - The message to include on the invite. Maximum *

* of 2000 characters. [r] *

* send_invite - Send an invite? (*YES or *NO, default is *

* *YES) *

* require_signon - Require signon to view share? (*YES or *

* *NO, default is *YES) *

* roles - Specify the roles (read or write, default is read) *

* ccsid - The CCSID to use (1252) *

* debug - Turn on Debug (*NO, *YES) *

* debug_file - The debug file name. *

* (/tmp/g4ms_[id]_sendItemInvite.txt) *

* *

* NOTE: For some reason if you try to send an invite to the *

* email listed in your account as a recovery email, that *

* email will NOT receive an invite. *

* Also, when specifying require_signon as *NO for some reason *

* it will not use the message specified. *

* *


D g4msod_sendItemInvite...

D PR 10i 0

D out_errMsg 256 Options(*NOPASS)

g4msod_sendItemInvite will send a sharing invite to the list of recipients created using the #g4msod_addRecipient function.

Returns: -1 for error, 0 for success.

Optional Parameters:

  • Error Message (output) - Error message

Settable Variables (use #g4msod_setValue):

  • id (required) - Your Microsoft ID

  • item_id - The id of the item. Either the item_id or path must be used. Using the item_id will result in faster execution.

  • path - The fully qualified path to the item you wish to delete.
    ie: /my Documents/Files/test.pdf

This parameter IS case sensitive.

  • message - Specify a message to include on the invite. This can be up to 2000 characters. NOTE: For some reason when specifying require_signon as *NO, a default message is used instead of this. I have opened a case with Microsoft on this issue.

  • send_invite - Specify if you wish to send an invite or not. The valid values are *YES or *NO. The default of *YES will be used if not specified.

  • require_signon - Specify if you wish the recipient to be required to sign on the view/edit the document. The valid values are *YES or *NO. The default of *YES will be used if not specified.

  • roles - Specify the roles to assign for this shared item. The valid values are "read" or "edit" (no quotes, case sensitive). If not specified the value of "read" will be used.

  • ccsid - The CCSID to use. The default is 1252.

  • debug - Specify *YES to turn on debug, or *NO to turn off debug. The default is *NO.

  • debug_file - Specify the fully qualified file name for the main debug file. The default is /tmp/g4ms_[id]_sendItemInvite.txt.[n] where [id] is the Microsoft ID and [n] is the request index.