Chapter 4 - The Work with Objects using OBJTOOL (WRKOBJOBJ) Display

The following figure shows the WRKOBJOBJ display and the function keys that are available.

                  Work with Objects Using OBJTOOL (WRKOBJOBJ)
 Object . . *ALL       Library . . PUBLIC
 Type . . . *ALL       Attribute . *ALL
 Type options, press Enter.
   2=Change   3=Copy        4=Delete   5=Display   7=Rename   8=Display Desc
  11=Move    12=Work with  13=Change
 Opt Object     Library    Type       Attribute  Description
 __  QCLSRC     PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-DTA
 __  QCMDSRC    PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-SRC
 __  QDDSSRC    PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-SRC     DDS Source File
 __  QMNUSRC    PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-SRC     Menu source file
 __  QRPGLESRC  PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-SRC     Public RPGLE Source
 __  QRPGSRC    PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-SRC     RPG/400 Source File
 __  VLDLSRC    PUBLIC     *FILE      PF-SRC     Validation List Command source
 Parameters or Command
 ===> _________________________________________________________________________
  F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F5=Refresh   F10=Command Entry   F12=Cancel
 F16=User Options       F17=Top   F18=Bottom                                    


  • 2 = Change - Executes the Change [object] (CHGxxx) command. Depending on the object type, the appropriate Change command will be executed.
  • 3 = Copy - Executes the Create Duplicate Object (CRTDUPOBJ) command.
  • 4 = Delete - Executes the Delete [object] (DLTOBJ) command. Depending on the object type, the appropriate Delete command will be executed.
  • 5 = Display - Executes the Display [object] (DSPxxx) command. Depending on the object type, the appropriate Display command will be executed.
  • 7 = Rename - Executes the Rename Object (RNMOBJ) command.
  • 8 = Display Desc - Executes the Display Object Description (DSPOBJD) command.
  • 11 = Move - Executes the Move Object (MOVOBJ) command.
  • 12 = Work with - Executes the Work with Members using OBJTOOL (WRKMBROBJ) command.
  • 13 = Change - Executes the Change Object Description (CHGOBJD) command.

Function Keys

  • F3=Exit - Exit the WRKOBJOBJ program.
  • F4=Prompt - Prompts on the current command or option(s).
  • F5=Refresh - Refresh the WRKOBJOBJ display
  • F10=Command Entry - Displays a command entry screen.
  • F12=Cancel -Exits the WRKOBJOBJ program.
  • F16=User Options - Work with your user options. For more on user options, see Chapter 6.
  • F17=Top - Position the display to the top of the list of objects.
  • F18=Bottom - Position the display to the bottom of the list of objects.