G4PP Defaults

Because there are a few default settings when using PayPal invoices, we have set up a physical file to hold the defaults which can be set globally, or specific to a PayPal account.

The file is as follows:

File Name . . . . G4PPDFTPF                              
  Library . . . .   G4PPBVS                              
Format Descr  . .                                        
Format Name . . . RG4PPDFT                               
File Type . . . . PF            Unique Keys - N          
Field Name FMT Start Lngth Dec Key Field Description     
GPPDACCT    A      1   256         Account ID            
GPPDPCC     A    257     3         Phone Country Code    
GPPDTZ      A    260     3         Timezone              
GPPDCC      A    263     3         Currency Code         

These defaults will be used when using G4PP addon functionality when a value is not specifically set.

Adding a record with a blank Account ID will set those defaults for every user that does NOT specifically have an account with defaults set up in this file.

Overriding defaults for a specific Account can be done by adding a record with the PayPal Account ID (not case sensitive), and then setting the desired defaults.