Working with the Digital Certificate Manager (DCM)

The Digital Certificate Mananger (DCM) is where you will be importing Certificate Authorities (CAs) as well as working with certificates.

DCM is accessible from a web browser through the IBM HTTP Administration web interface.

Follow these steps to access DCM:

Start the Administration Web Instance on our IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400):


Verify that the Administration Web Instance has started completely and is running. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to completely start.


This command will list all jobs running named ADMIN. In most cases this should only list the Administration Web Instance jobs.

Open your browser and go the URL http://youribmiaddress.ip:2001. Replace "youribmiaddress" with the IP address of your IBM i or a name that resolves to the IP address of your IBM i. You will then be asked for a user id and password.

NOTE: If for some reason this doesn't work, try copying and pasting this URL:


Again, replacing youribmiaddress with the IP address of your IBM i. This should ask for your IBM i user id and password and bring you to the Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) screen directly and the rest of the instructions can be ignored.

Enter a User ID and Password that has administrator privileges, and especially *IOSYSCFG authority. You will then be presented with one of two web pages.

For V5R4 and lower you will be presented with the i5/OS Tasks page.

For V6R1 and higher you are presented with the IBM Systems Director Navigator for i:

If you are presented with this page, click on the circled item which will take you to the IBM i Tasks Page.

The IBM i Tasks page may look different depending on what OS version you are on.

For V5R4 and lower it will look like the following:

For V6R1 and above it will look like the following:

In either instance, you will want to click on the Digital Certificate Manager link. Again, on V6R1 and above once you click on this link you will most likely be prompted to enter a user id and password again. Just use the same one as before.

Once you are working with the Digital Certificate Manager you are able to to many things such as Create your *SYSTEM Store or Import a Certificate Authority.